SVC World Developer Challenge

Developers are the Heroes of Silicon Valley and for the 21st century

The Universe is unfolding an enormous era of innovations. Software becoming like air on earth and even beyond. From Steve Jobs (Apple), Steve Wozniak (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle) ,Jerry Yang (Yahoo), now Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Google) followed by Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) -and 1000 other developers who have changed the world more innovative place in short time every before in history.

Silicon Valley World Developer challenge is to reach out Developers around the world, share the values of Silicon Valley, show them the possibilities, tap their innovation, recognize and honor them on a World Stage at SVC. More...

  • Timeline :

    • Early Submissions end date: August 31     Fee: FREE
    • Extended till OCT 10
    • Late Submissions end date: September 15  Fee: US$ 10/-
    • All selections presented to Final Panel on October 31
    • The Best Innovations announced and honored on November 1st at the Silicon Valley Innovation Awards ceremony
  • When: Start: July 20th.  End: September 20th.
  • Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, USA

Third Eye (Mobile Camera) Innovation Challenge

Create a mobile phone application that uses a mobile phone camera and makes the world more productive . Submit your application here to join the World Developer Challenge for Third Eye Innovations (Mobile phone camera).  

Tip: Also take a look at 6 billion tablets page here. Try to imagine what all can happen if we have 6 billion tablet cameras in the hands of billions of people. More details here.

  • Developers compete for Silicon Valley Developer Innovation Awards under these categories : Best Third Eye Innovation, Global Economy, the Future, Green Earth
  • Every Sponsors announce winners of their own prizes for applications developed using their APIs or Products.
  • Developers should submit working prototype or application as files or websites before the deadline.
  • Panel of Innovators (Judges) will select the 3 best applications in each category.
  • Judging criteria is based on innovative, creative, functional and originality of applications
  • All the applications belongs to the submitter


Silicon Valley Conference
Dec. 6, 2013

SVC 2012:
Santa Clara Convention Center,
5001 Great America Pkwy, CA 95054 USA

SVA Nomination Deadline: Nov 17, 2013
World Start-up Challenge
World Developer Challenge
Silicon Valley Innovation Awards

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Conference Highlights:

Opportunity to learn Technologies of the Future:
Social , Mobile, Visual media,Green Tech and more,
Learn Entrepreneurship and
Success Strategies from
CEOs and Founders,
Start-ups and Innovators
Network with
Fortune 500 Companies,
Business Development officers,
Marketing and Sales professionals
Original Developers and Product Teams
Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors
Start-up incubators

Expo Highlights:

Product exhibits of  upcoming and New Media, Social Media, Mobile, Cloud, Education and Green technologies.

New Tech and Products Launch
Announce New Partnership

Network with real Heroes.
Great chance to meet entrepreneurs and Hi-tech high profile people from Silicon Valley and around the world.
Silicon Valley Awards Highlights:

Legendary Award
Start-up of the Year
Vision of Tomorrow's World
Tech of  Change
Best Awards in every categories including,
Mobile, Cloud, Social Media, Visual Media, Online Marketing, Security, University, VC, Gadgets, Gov. Agency.

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